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6-yr-old boy severely burned after accidental backyard bonfire explosion.

After a campfire unexpectedly exploded at a picnic he was attending in Prescott, Arizona, a six-year-old kid sustained second- and third degree burns over more than half his body.

Carson, according to relatives, was at a neighbor’s home when an adult at the party poured gasoline on the fire. When they put out the fire with the gas can, it erupted, and Carson caught fire.

Carson was taken to a nearby hospital before being airlifted to a burn center in Phoenix. Chelsea Colvin, his mom, said that when she saw her baby for the first time, she dropped to her knees as he was burned everywhere.

He looked up at her and said,”Mommy, I’m okay, I’m okay.'”

He went up to a neighbor’s house, and they were having a bonfire, and she went to go pour gasoline into the fire, and it went back into the petrol tank and blew up, and it ended up blowing up all over him since he was close by, Chelsea said.

Carson was in a medically-induced coma for the first three days.

His worst areas are his arms, legs, toes, and feet, as well as his left side chest. His left side took the brunt of it, his mother said. He’s already had three surgeries. He’ll have surgery on April 14 and will have a tracheostomy in his throat.

While doctors predict a complete recovery, Chelsea understands it will take a long time for her baby to recuperate.

He is expected to be hospitalized for three months.

They can’t predict it, as it could be an infection or sickness; they can’t just know he’ll be fine. He’ll be here for months, months, months. So she’ll be here for many months. She is not going anywhere, and she doesn’t want to go.

Authorities do not suspect any wrongdoing, and Chelsea said that the neighbor who caused the accident is a friend.

It was one of her neighbors. She sometimes looks after her ex-husband’s children. But she loves her children, and she does not believe any of this was done intentionally.

Chelsea wants to urge people to be cautious around bonfires in addition to ensuring her child’s recovery.

Just don’t use gasoline to put out a fire. Don’t be near propane; instead, make sure one is mindful of one’s surroundings and that one’s children are protected.

Please, please, please use extreme caution while sitting near a campfire. And never, ever use gasoline to put out a fire.

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