7 Things A Mother Learnt While Picking And Dropping Her Daughter From School.

Story by Kelcey

7 Things I’ve learned from my first week in the car line at school…

1) The front of the drop off line is reserved for special people and I don’t have what it takes to be one of them 💤

2) If you hit a curb once (…maybe twice…😏) your Kindergartener will mock you eternally and question all of your driving-related decisions.

3) If your child is greeted by name, it’s probably not because she’s made such a memorable impact during the first week of school, and more likely that they read her name on your car tag 😂🤷‍♀️

4) Even when I am 25 minutes *early* I’m still in the back 20% of the pick-up line…might as well stop for coffee. ☕🙌

5) Being picked up first is now an appropriate (and appreciated!) birthday present suggestion 🥳

6) All of the “embarrassing” and repetitive questions my parents used to ask me…I get it now. It’s fun 😏

7) I absolutely adore the little peeks of my daughter interacting with her classmates and teacher when she doesn’t know I can see her 🥰

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