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7-year-old Kid Swims An Hour To Shore To Find Help For Dad & Sister Carried Away By Deadly Current.

A 7-year-old child is being hailed as a hero after swimming a mile to save his dad and younger sister during a boating accident over Memorial Day weekend.

Chase Poust, 4, and his sister Abigail, 4, were swimming beside their dad’s anchored boat in the St. Johns River near Jacksonville, Florida. When they were trapped in a strong current, the girl lost control of the boat. The current was so powerful that his sister, who typically sits at the back of the boat, let go. So he let go of the boat and grabbed her, only to become trapped. He was quite terrified, he remembered.

Steven Proust, their dad, leapt into the ocean to save them and instructed Chase to swim to land while attempting to save Abigail, who was being swept away by the river while wearing a flotation device. Since he wasn’t sure what was going to happen, he told them both that he loved them. He  attempted to stay with her as long as possible. He exhausted himself, and she faded away from him, the dad stated.

Chase then started his one-mile swim back to shore. After an hour in the water, he supposedly raced to the first house he could locate and banged on their door. After an hour-long search, Florida Fish and Wildlife, with assistance from the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, located the dad and daughter.

The dad now believes that they were blessed to have escaped the situation. They are here alive. They ‘re here by God’s grace. Little guy made it to shore and received assistance, which saved their lives, he stated. When asked how he became such an excellent swimmer, the 7-year-old replied. He has no idea, replies honestly.

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