7 Yr Old Daughter Went To Her Bed For An Unusual Request.

Story by Jessica MW Chase

Sometimes the best service is the one you don’t get.

Near the end of September, my 7 year old daughter burst into my bedroom at 7:02am and announced, “I’ve decided to get my ears pierced.” Not good morning, not how did you sleep, but mom, it’s time to put some holes in my body! She hates flu shots and I struggled to imagine how she would deal with piercing needles. Nonetheless, I wanted to honor her request.

I began to teach her about due diligence. We discussed every aspect of piercing: sanitation, procedure, cost, after care, appropriate storage of jewelry. She was patient with my questions and dedicated a lot of time to finding the answers.

Finally satisfied with her understanding and our agreements, I booked an appointment and paid a deposit with CraigPokesU. This was no small commitment. Arlington is a solid hour and a half from our home, but when I read through the website I had complete peace this was where we were supposed to go. Subsequent communications with the shop only solidified my decision.

On October 30th, we left home at 10:30am for our noon appointment. We arrived right on time. The shop was clean, the staff was friendly, and we began our check in. My daughter used the laser pointer to select her jewelry without needing to handle any merchandise and I provided her birth certificate as well as signed releases and health screening forms. It was comfortingly thorough.

As her resolve began to waiver, the staff provided emotional support and time to think. Eventually, she made her way back to the room. Blake applied his respirator and gloves while I helped pull her hair back. Explaining each step of the way, Blake began to gently wipe her lobes with an alcohol pad. As he showed her the site marker on his glove, she clearly announced, “I don’t want to do this.”

Immediately, Blake removed his hands from her body, capped the marker, and stepped away. She jumped off the chair into my arms and cried. I could feel her body shaking, her elevated heart rate. I stroked her hair and murmured, “It’s ok, I’m here.” Blake knelt down, looked her in the eye, and calmly said, “Not a single person here is angry, upset, annoyed, or disappointed. I will see you someday if you’re ever ready.” and then popped open a drawer of ring pops declaring, “I love spooky season!” This trip had been part of her birthday gift, my precious Halloween baby.

I was met by compassionate, discreet staff at the counter who refunded as much of my payment as they could and assured me no one was upset. They reaffirmed my daughter’s decision and told her her body is her own and she alone can decide about its appearance.

My daughter left CraigPokesU emotionally whole, shame-free, and with her head held high. She left feeling empowered about her body and knowing her voice was honored. She left having seen that consent matters, modeled even by adults not known to her. She told me in the car, “The fear in my body told me today was not the day.” To have that seen and respected sets the tone for the rest of her life.

The way she was treated was instructive. The way I was treated means we’ll be back should she decide to move forward. Thank you, Blake, and well done, CraigPokesU. Your staff is well trained and you should be proud of these great humans representing your brand.

Sometimes the best service is the one you don’t get.

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