70 Yr Old Dad Leaps Fence To Reunite With His Military Son.

Story via T&T Creative Media

The bond between father and son is pure and unbreakable. They support and love each other in ups and downs, always having one another’s back.

Jarius Huddlestone, 21, joined the U.S. Army around 2 years ago and would talk to his father Charles Huddlestone, 70, on the phone on a daily basis.

Jarius is currently based in Fort Lewis, Washington, however he has not seen his parents for a while due to the pandmeic. He wanted to do something special for his Dad’s 70th birthday and Father’s day that on June 20 he planned a surprise visit.

On seeing his son the 70 year old dad jumped over a porch fence like he was 17 and hugged his military son.

This happy video was captured by his sister Pam which was shared by his mom Jo An online that went viral.

The mother cried with joy and said he was hoping on his 70th birthday to go fishing and now that his son was there, they both went fishing and got three fishes.

The bond that Jarius and Charles have for each other is precious. 

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