8-Year-Old Dies a Day After Returning From School Sick | “No Surgery Could Bring Him Back”

Amari King Churchwell, 8, was described as “bright and happy” but passed away after being ill at school the day before. Soon after arriving home with his dad, Kenneth Churchwell, Amari passed out in his arms. His family is lamenting their kid’s “sudden loss.” Amari started attending school regularly on November 15th, but soon after, the school informed Kenney that Amari was ill and needed to be brought up.

Amari’s response when Kenneth inquired about how he was feeling was, he said he does know and does not know what happened, as Kenneth recalled. When Kenneth attempted to help his kid out of his shirt after they got home, Amari’s situation deteriorated. The dad recalled that his head simply kind of dropped back and his eyes rolled back, and he realized straight immediately something was wrong. Kenneth hurried him to the nearest emergency room, where doctors found a mass in Amari’s brain that had started internally bleeding.

Churchwell had a drain put into his skull before being sent to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland to alleviate pressure on his brain, however the baby was not able to be rescued. “Sadly, Amari’s brain function was severely impaired by the bleeding mass. We had to accept the heartbreaking news that Amari had departed after extensive prayer, CT scans, consultations with three neurologists, and exhausted all other possibilities” 

A GoFundMe page has been created to help the family in question. On November 16 of last year, he passed away surrounded by his devoted family.

His father expressed that he realized straight away something was amiss when his head just kind of slid back and his eyes rolled back. Inquiring about his son’s health when he was collecting him up from school, he said, he just kind of asked him how he is feeling, and he was like “I don’t know, I don’t know what happened.” Churchwell passed unconscious as Kenneth was assisting him to remove his shirt. When he arrived at the hospital, he was informed that his kid had had a seizure. Doctors told him that “no procedure could bring him back.”

Churchwell, according to his parents, was a happy, smiling child. He didn’t know how his cheeks didn’t ache as he was always grinning, according to his father. The family is working so hard to move past the death of their bright young son. They remembered that Churchwell had always desired to become a doctor when he grew up. They are all absolutely devastated by Amari’s passing, the family stated in the campaign post. He will always be remembered in their hearts as an intelligent, inquisitive, caring, and happy child who loved his family, school, and Jesus. 

Churchwell’s exact manner of death has not yet been established, however his family will always cherish him as their beautiful and intelligent son.

A GoFundMe page has been created to assist his family at this tragic time.

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