9-year-old boy empties life savings to buy supplies for homeless shelter – I think he deserves our recognition

We may have overlooked the ones who are truly needy out there in these times of uncertainty when we are doing everything we can to care for ourselves and our family.

However, 9-year-old Nathan Simons, who helped his local homeless shelter, is here to reassure us of the compassion we must continue to show individuals.

Nathan, from Rock Island, Illinois, likes viewing YouTube videos, much to the chagrin of his father, Ethan. But Nathan’s father’s fears were eased when he watched something on YouTube that moved him to spend all of his own cash on goods for a local homeless shelter.

The fourth grader was motivated after watching a YouTube video of individuals donating money to needy shelters.

A couple of hours later, after he finished viewing the movie, he told his father that he wanted to do what they did, Nathan stated.

Nathan then contacted his local shelter and requested a list of the supplies they required. He then went to their local bank with his father and both withdrew $150 from their accounts.

Nathan’s money consisted of all of his savings from the previous 18 months. Nathan purchased shoes, gloves, barbeque sauce, and spicy sauce, as well as snacks like pop and cookie cakes, as required by the shelter. Nathan expressed, it makes me pleased and proud.

Cindi Gramenz, the shelter’s development coordinator, greeted them and told Nathan, “You realise you’re doing an incredible thing, right? You are assisting a large number of individuals.

“To be experiencing that type of empathy for the job we do and what’s going on in his neighbourhood at nine years old is quite astounding,” she continued.

Nathan’s delighted father shared his son’s kind act on Facebook, writing that he can’t help it, he has to praise his kids when they do huge things.

I can’t help it, I have to brag on my kids when they do big things. Nathan emptied his savings account today to go…

Posted by Ethan Simons on Monday, 31 December 2018

“I hope a few more are encouraged to follow in your footsteps, Ethan.” “I adore it,” one Facebook user said. “You’re growing a fantastic young man there, Ethan,” said another.

“Nathan, has understood the joy of giving is so much better than the joy of receiving!” one user reassured us all. The lesson learnt through a growing heart demonstrating kindness to others is a very precious one!”

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