9-year-old boy has his worst birthday ever after lunch lady humiliates him over $9 debt

School might be a pain when you’re a child, however one day every child looks forward to is their birthday. Everybody appreciates the extra attention and well-wishes from their peers and professors.

However, one elementary school boy’s special day was ruined by some severe treatment due to a student lunch debt. Individuals are now upset, claiming that the school faculty behaved inappropriately and embarrassed the child on his birthday.

Jefferson Sharpnack of Green, Ohio, was in school that afternoon when he turned 9 and he was looking forward to a delicious meal on his special day. He had just come to the neighbourhood last month to live with his grandma.

However, after being served, something unexpected occurred: his lunch was swiftly removed from him and quickly replaced with a cheaper equivalent.

Jefferson explained that he got his cheesy breadsticks and typed in his number.  And when he went to check out, the lunch woman said nothing, grabbed his cheesy breadsticks and sauce, placed them over there, and got out bread on cheese from the fridge and put it on his tray.

When Jefferson came home later that day, he described it as the “worst birthday ever.”

The event included a lunch debt. According to the school, the change is part of a sophisticated lunch programme in which “children who are $15 or more in debt” are provided an alternate lunch.

Jefferson did get a notification stating that he owed $9 for his school lunch payment however his grandma, Diane Bailey, claims she phoned right away and felt the problem had been rectified.

In addition, Jefferson is meant to get free and reduced lunch from the school; Diane was only paying by check until the application was approved.

Even if the issue wasn’t addressed (remember, it was a very tiny amount), the grandma adds, it doesn’t excuse the sudden, brutal manner in which they took the child’s meals away.

Diane stated that in her opinion, he owed nothing. She owed money, the parents and the school district.

She also claims that it is a waste of wonderfully delicious food. Diane explained that they have to throw it away if they remove the food off one’s tray. You’d remove food off a tray and not be able to re-serve it? You’re going to squish it and not feed the child? That makes no sense.

Jefferson is just one of many children who have faced “lunch humiliation,” in which young pupils are picked out for their meal debt in an unpleasant manner.

In 2016, a third-grade student in Alabama was sent home with the words “I Need Lunch Money” written on his hand. Last spring, a New Mexico school was chastised for offering an alternate meal not on the usual menu to pupils who owed money for lunch.

While Jefferson’s birthday was not a happy one, his tale helped encourage some genuine development.

The district administrator said  that “all children registered in PreK through twelfth grades will get the normal lunch for the day at their individual buildings irrespective of account balance.”

According to a district spokesman, “our administration felt firmly that the time to update our lunch restrictions was now, and the change took place today.” They made no reference to Jefferson or the issue, but one may conclude it was in response to that.

Ohio boy denied school lunch on his birthday over past due balance

Jefferson Sharpnack came home on August 30 with a note stating his account was in the negative, something Green Local Schools administrators say is protocol.

Posted by The National Desk – TND on Monday, 9 September 2019
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