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A Dad Tells His Wife To Change His Son’s Outfit After She Dresses Him In A ‘Bubble’ Romper.

After seeing the clothes mom put their baby in before heading outdoors on a gorgeous day, one parent on TikTok was not having it.

After an altercation, she declared victory by labeling the video “I won.” She probably didn’t plan to cause an issue with her own remarks about how she opted to clothe their child.

Her husband instructed her to alter her son’s clothes after she dressed him in a ‘bubble’ romper.

Alexandra, the mom, submitted a video on TikTok with the thumbnail title “Bubble Wars,” but she had no idea she would spark an actual battle in the comments when almost 260,000 individuals saw the video.

Alexandra begins the video in her room, telling her newborn son, “Let’s go show daddy your outfit,” whispering a bit to make sure he doesn’t hear her in the next room over. “Go show him, show him, show him.”

The kid walks out of the room with Alexandra, allowing viewers to see the adorable bubble romper her infant is wearing, which is decorated with designs of circus animals.

“Okay, let’s go,” she says normally, informing her husband that they’re ready to go out for the day to play as their infant son swings about a racket and a ball.

The infant goes up to his father, who murmurs something incomprehensible before looking at his wife and stating, “Not a chance Al, we’re — come on. He’s much too old to be wearing it right now.” He’s obviously not having it.

“There’s a circus theme.” There’s a circus theme!” Alexandra responds by pointing out that their kid enjoys the circus, and is backed up by her son’s response, who also responds by expressing the same thing.

“Put shorts over it at the very least,” the father suggests, leading Alexandra to respond, “No, it’s a bubble!” He’s adorable.” Her kid is looking off into space at this moment, but she appears to have won the fight.

@alexandrasistodaniel I won #momtok #toddlertok ♬ original sound – Alexandra

Individuals in the comments, on the other hand, were quite supportive of the father.

The fashion choices you should make for your infant are primarily dependent on personal taste. However, there is widespread agreement that certain clothing alternatives are superior and simpler to handle than others.

According to a blog post from a Dallas-based children’s apparel business, a bubble works beautifully from 3 to at least 12 months, but certainly feel free to wear bubbles up to 24 months.

Many individuals in the comments said it was OK to leave the infant in a bubble romper until he was three years old.

People contended that bubbles were just more handy for managing a baby’s toilet training, and that after the youngster was potty trained, transitioning to the standard two-piece (shorts and t-shirt) choice would be preferable.

Many mothers advised her to embrace the sweetness while she could since he will be in sweats and gym shorts for the next 15 years.

Alexandra added in the comments that her husband ultimately caved and said that he, too, looked gorgeous, however the damage had already been done to her comments section!

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