This Dog Was Abandoned In The Desert, Until This Guy Came To The Rescue.

This man found this abandoned dog wandering in the desert. She hopped out of the brush onto the side of the road bleeding and with an apparent broken leg/femur. He loaded her up in his truck and took her to the nearest vet to evaluate her injuries.

She was taken in for X-Ray
Well its not looking good for the leg. Short version is there are no feeder vessels to the broken bone. If they pin it it probably will not heal. So the decision was to amputate the leg.

Operation day.

Long Day …

2 weeks worth of medication.

She seems pretty sore (who wouldn’t be after losing a leg). She’ll be on her meds for two weeks then she’ll get her stitches out. Still no original owner found, but several people have offered to keep her.

Thanks to Washington Family Veterinary Clinic for going the extra mile to make sure she is being taken care of

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