A large family fight breaks out in Disney World, leaving one person hospitalized.

Two families got into an altercation while in line at Disney World, starting a big fight that sent at least one man to the hospital.

According to several stories, the drama began in the Magic Kingdom of the theme park in Orlando, Florida, when two families were waiting in line to see a show at Mickey’s PhilharMagic theater.

In order to recover her phone, which she unintentionally left on her electric conveyance vehicle, one family member got off the phone line, according to the Disney World blog “Walt Disney World News Today.”

Another family, all dressed alike in red shorts and white T-shirts, attempted to prevent her from taking her place back in the group when she sought to reclaim it, according to the blog.

The two families got into an argument outside the theater’s exit, according to the site, with a member of the girl’s family reportedly shouting to the red shorts gang, “We don’t like you guys shoving my younger sister.”

Both groups started yelling at one another as they inched closer to one another, which finally culminated to a huge, Jerry Springer-style battle that spilled into the sidewalk outside the cinema.

While at least 10 individuals engaged in a violent brawl, witnesses recorded it on their phones and posted it to social media, sending spectators scurrying for safety and hiding their kids.

Kids were seen sobbing on bystander footage as worried people shouted for guards to intervene. According to the Disney blog, security and law enforcement eventually separated the two groups and took them to the security office for the park.

The site said that the red-shorts family reportedly “stole or smashed various personal belongings belonging to their opponents, including mobile phones and luxury apparel.” It is still unknown if either family plans to file a police report.

The site stated that one of the men engaged in the altercation was carried away in an ambulance owing to a significant cut on his chin. Other family members suffered from minor bruising and wounds.

Video of the event went viral on social media but was subsequently taken down from the video-sharing app TikTok.

The chaos has been captured in shorter videos that have been shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Although fights at Disney parks are nothing new, since the COVID-19 outbreak, there have been far more instances of mass violence, with the Florida resort reporting more than half a dozen this year alone.

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