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A Lonely Man Didn’t Want To Spend His 101st Birthday Alone So He Calls 911 To Beg For Help.

Every day, the cops get a variety of emergency calls, some of which are truly life-changing for the people on the other end of the phone.

Frank Williams, 101, sat at his dining room table, starring at the delicious-looking store-bought cake he had just purchased. It was his birthday, and despite the fact that he was alone, he was intended to have a good day.

However, he was abruptly overcome with emotions of loneliness. All of his pals had died in recent years, and he didn’t want to trouble any of his busy neighbors by inviting them around.

He was ready to light some birthday candles when he spotted his phone resting there and chose to ring 911. When the emergency dispatcher inquired what his emergency was, Frank revealed his identity and that he was turning 101 that day.

Frank told the dispatcher that he is alone today, and he does not want to be alone right now. It’s his birthday, and he’d like to share the occasion with someone. He understand it’s not a true emergency, yet he couldn’t think of anyone else to call.

A new voice answered the phone and informed Frank that her name was Officer Woods and that she was on her way to meet him with a colleague.

As Frank waited for police officers to arrive at his house on his 101st birthday, he fretted about wasting time and how he didn’t want to be alone on what may be his final big birthday.

Check out the complete video narrative to discover out what occurred when two cops rang Frank’s doorstep that day.

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