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A Scuba Diver Found A Car Underwater With Bodies Of Teens Missing For Over 20 Yrs Inside.

A YouTuber committed to recovering missing belongings and solving cold cases has assisted two families who never knew what happened to their teenage daughters find closure.

On April 3, 2000, Erin Foster and Jeremy Bechtel vanished. The two teenagers were last spotted together leaving a house party and saying they were heading home. They were passengers in Erin’s 1998 Pontiac Grand Am.

The identical automobile was discovered in the Calfkiller River in Sparta, Tennessee, by YouTuber Jeremy Sides, renowned for his video Exploration With Nug. Video shows the trained diver and Navy veteran navigating murky waters with rope until he locates the automobile near the river’s bottom.

Jeremy said that he’s very delighted that he was able to locate them. He is really sorry they ended up there.

Sides thinks Erin lost control of the automobile as it approached the turn and crashed into the river. While the automobile was being towed away, the families observed a minute of silence. After this surprising revelation, GoFundMe accounts have been set up for both families to assist with funeral costs.

Detectives have combed over the automobile for any clues as to what transpired that evening. They were shocked by how much of the automobile remained undamaged considering the length of time it was buried. The probe is still going on.

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