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A stranger paid for a man’s groceries after his card got declined. Now they’re ‘brothers’

Jason Boudreaux was waiting in line at his local grocery store when the clerk told him that he didn’t have enough money on his debit card. He claims that the generosity of a stranger at that time transformed his perspective on the world.

On February 24, Boudreaux, of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, wrote a now-viral Facebook post about a wonderful deed he saw while shopping at Cade’s Market in St. Martinville.

Much respect for this young person, Boudreaux, 46, who wrote beside a picture of himself and a man named Kevin Jones in the post. Boudreaux claimed that he deposited his payroll check an hour before the picture, expecting it to clear and the money to show in his account.

He claimed to have started a discussion with Jones while waiting in line. As he attempted to pay for his $30 in groceries, his card was refused.

Boudreaux wrote that this gentleman told him he got his for him. To which Boudreaux replied that he hadn’t heard the price. The gentleman said he did, and he got him.

Boudreaux also stated his intention to repay Jones, but in the subsequent euphoria over the act of charity, he forgot to get Jones’ name.

Boudreaux wrote that he dashed to his vehicle to give him his business card so he could reimburse him. He replied that it was no issue, but owing money to anybody is a problem for him. But the point is, he just stood up for a total stranger, and he deserves to be honored.

Fortunately, he located Jones soon. They were linked when a mutual friend noticed his Facebook post.

Much respect for this young gentleman. I deposited my payroll check and hour prior thought the money would have hit. I…

Posted by Jason James Boudreaux on Friday, 24 February 2023

Boudreaux explained that he used to be a detective and should have asked for his name and number. But he merely experienced goosebumps, although they’re called ‘frissons’ in French.”

Boudreaux worked as a detective for 17 years before becoming the sales and operations manager for a firm that works with churches, cemeteries, and other memorial venues. The father of three claims that one of his greatest friends, a priest, foretold the compassion he would receive just before it occurred.

‘Jason, has he found his ghost yet?’ Boudreaux explains. He was talking about the Holy Spirit; Boudreaux usually has intriguing things for him since he frequents church offices and graveyards. Boudreaux said, No, father, he is really off right now. He is just waiting to go food shopping.

When they parted ways, Boudreaux said that his buddy informed him he still needed to discover “his ghost.” Boudreaux recalls saying fine, he tried.

Boudreaux and Jones exchanged light chat in the checkout line a few moments later. As Jones witnessed what was going on in front of him, he felt he had to intervene.

It’s not an affluent town where he’s from in Louisiana. He understands how it feels, John added. He understands the sensation of not having enough money to buy food. He sees a lot of individuals suffering through it, but not many individuals are prepared to make a sacrifice and step up to support the next person.

Jones claims he went about his day after paying Boudreaux’s bill, not expecting anything in return and not even informing his wife Marissa about the encounter — that is, until Boudreaux’s Facebook post, along with multiple calls and messages about the guy wanting to repeat the favor, reached him. Just a lot in one day, he adds, laughing.

After contacting him, Boudreaux invited Jones and his wife to “Family Day,” a monthly gathering hosted by Boudreaux’s parents.

As news got out that it was Jones’ 28th birthday, Boudreaux and the other guests devised a “cake” of sorts to mark the occasion.

Jones laughs and says that he had a jelly doughnut with frosting on top and a candle in it. No one informed him what they were going to do, but the women came out singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ including his wife.

Both Boudreaux and Jones said they remain in contact through text now days and have plans for family days and weekend getaways in the future.

When asked to explain their friendship, Boudreaux claims he has another term for it.

Boudreaux adds that it says it’s more like brothers. He’s one of the most genuine individuals Boudreaux has encountered.

Jones expressed that he lives by the notion, ‘If I have it, you have it.” It doesn’t matter what hue one is; it doesn’t matter to him. They are brothers and sisters from all cultures.

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