After 18 miscarriages over a 16-year period, a woman from England gives birth at the age of 48.

Many couples accomplish their desire of starting a family and raising joyful, healthy kids. For some couples, it takes time, effort, and even medical interventions to conceive and bring a pregnancy to term. Despite their best attempts, some couples are unable to conceive children. This almost happened to Mark and Louise.

Mark and Louise met in 1999 and soon fell in love. Deep down, Louise knew Mark was the guy she desired to have kids with. The couple began attempting to conceive when Louise was 32 years old. Mark, on the other hand, had a vasectomy earlier in life. This meant that the pair would have to attempt unconventional methods of conception.

Despite medical interventions, Louise found it difficult to become pregnant and bring a healthy baby to term. In fact, the couple spent more than $100,000 on therapies over a 16-year span. This money was used to compensate sperm donors and for various IVF treatments.

During those 16 years, Louise became pregnant 18 times. Sadly, she had the heartbreaking experience of miscarrying the infants all 18 times. She never carried a pregnancy beyond a few weeks, and the couple and doctors couldn’t find out why.

Several years later, just before her 50th birthday, Louise contacted a different doctor. The doctor discovered that Louise’s body had what are known as killer cells. These cells would target and kill any embryos she was carrying.

Louise was able to receive treatment for her ailment after receiving this diagnosis. Mark and Louise chose to try one more time for a healthy pregnancy, and their efforts were rewarded. William, their son, was born at 37 weeks. His parents were overjoyed since he was a healthy, happy baby.

While several strangers mistake Louise and Mark for the baby’s grandparents, they are unconcerned. The couple is overjoyed to be parenting their kid and definitely gaining the family they had always desired.

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