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After 30 years of effort, a 51-year-old nanny finally receives a college degree — kudos!

The average nanny wage in New York City is more than $50,000. It might be a difficult profession at times, but it pays the bills and frequently does not require a higher degree.

But, no matter what job Lyn Thomas, a nanny for 30 years, held, a higher degree was always something she wished for.

She already has an associate’s degree and hopes to attend Hunter College, where she will study for a bachelor’s degree.

Thomas came from the Caribbean island of Grenada to New York when she was 18 years old to live with her mom. She ultimately got a job cleaning houses and as a nanny.

She hoped to finish school, but one thing led to another, and decades passed.

Thomas didn’t get her GED until she was 48 years old, and only a few years later, at 51, did she get her associate’s degree in public health from Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Thomas even made the dean’s list!

She worked really hard for this, Thomas explained. She had no high school diploma. One can’t say no to a go-getter like her. She’ll do it.

Thomas, while being older than the normal college student, is only getting started. She intends to continue her study at Hunter College in the hopes of eventually helping her community with improved health care and good food alternatives.

Congratulations, Lyn! You are demonstrating to others that age is not a barrier to achieving one’s goals. Continue your efforts.

Please spread the word to congratulate Lyn and wish her well in her future studies.

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