After 30 Yrs Of Searching, Man Finally Finds His Biological Brother.

Martin Hauser, 59, was adopted in 1962 as an infant. He lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife. With the blessing of his adoptive mother thirty years ago he was in search of his biological family but was unsuccessful.

All he knew was he was born in Guilford County in North Carolina. He tried every DNA test possible but due to North Carolina laws he was unable to go deeper into adoption records to find the name of any parent.

In 2019, with the state statute that permitted organizations to give out limited information to adoptees he finally got a lead. He worked with the Children’s Home Society and soon they found the death certificate of his father, Joseph B.Shaw, Sr.

Martin said “On the bottom, it said next of kin. Joseph B. Shaw Jr.”

Thanks to Facebook within 15 minutes Martin found him. His younger brother Joe Shaw lived all his life in Westfield, North Carolina. When he saw Martin’s message on Facebook he was shocked since he had no idea he had an elder brother.

In 5 minutes of talking they learned they had the same mother and father which made them full biological brothers. They began to talk on the phone and decided to meet in person.

In April 2021, Martin and his wife flew to North Carolina where Martin wore a shirt that said “Big Brother Finally!”

It was indeed an emotional and perfect reunion since Joe and Melissa were getting married too.

Martin and Joe both felt like a complete family and hoped to know each other well. Martin wishes their story motivates other adoptees who are looking for their biological families to never quit. 

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