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After 67 years of marriage, husband and wife die hand in hand 5 hours apart.

True love, it is believed, never dies.

Some people spend their whole lives waiting for their other half, while others are fortunate enough to meet the one who instantly completes their existence.

That was the case with Floyd and Violet Hartwig. They married in 1947 and have been in each other’s company for an astonishing 67 years. That is incredible in and of itself, yet it was their final days of life that truly spoke for their tremendous relationship.

Floyd and Violet Hartwig met in elementary school and began a romance that would last their entire lives. Floyd joined the United States Navy when World War II broke out. During that time, the pair exchanged hundreds of letters.

An extract from one of these letters, dated May 1947, follows:

‘Hi honey, just a few lines from this lonely blue sailor of yours. Miss you darling and so in love with you. … Honey, I’ll sure be glad when I get out of this.

‘It sure isn’t for me, though at one time I thought the Navy was pretty swell. That was before I fell in love with the sweetest girl in the world.”

Floyd came home after WWII, and the couple purchased a farm in California. They eventually have 3 kids together.

Violet, unfortunately, suffered dementia a few years ago. Floyd looked after her in the couple’s house, however things became worse when Floyd was diagnosed with renal failure. Their kids and grandkids were stunned, however the love between Floyd and Violet was cemented even further. They fell asleep in each other’s arms for the last time after more than 67 years of marriage.

Floyd died in the hospital at the age of 90, with Violet, 89, clutching his hand. Violet departed the earth only one hour after his death.

Their kids, grandkids, and grandkids encircled the couple. The family they left behind was understandably sad to lose both of them in such a short period of time, yet they could find solace in knowing that this was what Floyd and Violet desired. They allegedly informed their kids that they intended to die at home while they were still together.

They had a particular relationship, and she believed it became stronger and stronger over time. Particularly in the latter months of their lives, says daughter Donna Scharton in a film created to honor the couple’s love story.

You may watch that wonderful video here.

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