After Bully Causes 1st Degree Burns To Her Head, Texas Teen Gets Revenge.

Hannah Combs had just started her freshman year of high school, however, the new start quickly turned into her worst nightmare. A male bully severely assaulted her when she was conversing with some pals outside Harker Heights High School in Texas. While Hannah had previously been bullied, this time would leave physical scars; however, Hannah would show she is not easily beaten.

A male crept up behind the startled adolescent and put super glue on her hair and scalp, inflicting horrible damage to the 15-year-old girl’s head. It began scorching right away, Hannah recounted. Her head felt like it was on fire. That was dreadful. Hannah was initially transported to the nurse’s office, although she later needed to be treated at an urgent care center.

Hannah not only lost a lot of her hair, but she also had first-degree chemical burns on her scalp that felt like a “sunburn times ten.” Her discomfort persisted for days and was more than just physical. Hannah said she realized she had lost her favorite aspect of herself. She really liked her hair. She lost it for no apparent cause.

To make things worse, as she faced great anguish and embarrassment, her attacker received just an in-school suspension, a tiny sentence for what he had done. Hannah’s parents were understandably unhappy since their daughter was compelled to confront the guy who abused her at school.

While others advised Hannah’s parents to withdraw her from school, her father thought the bully should be forced to move. He is not going to remove his daughter from her life because of what this boy did to her, Christian Grimmer, a former soldier, said. Uproot his life—the kid who did this to her. When he did the deed, he forfeited his ability to go to Harker Heights.

Bullying is a severe problem, and some kids commit suicide as a result of it each year; therefore, the father is absolutely correct. And so are the other parents who wondered why the cops were not called. As everyone else was concentrating on the bully’s punishment, Hannah was about to receive the finest retaliation. And to say she had the final laugh with what she did is an understatement. This bully did not triumph, as the Texan kid demonstrated her tenacity.

Hannah handled herself with elegance and dignity, transforming her horror into something amazing. Unable to give up, she collaborated with her mother, Jessica Grimmer, to create a stylish new haircut. Then a local hair stylist called Nikki offered to do Hannah’s hair for free.

Hannah cut off the damaged section of her hair and displayed the other half. And she looked stunning with her new hairstyle. Then things become much better. Hannah’s mother started a Facebook page for her daughter called “Justice for Hannah,” and the kid received a lot of support.

That makes her wish to assist other individuals, and Hannah expressed gratitude. There are individuals who are unable to advocate for themselves, but they speak to her about it. That makes her want to assist. It’s unbelievable how many individuals are rooting for her.

Hannah Combs, to to her bully’s chagrin, did not allow his attacks bring her down. She accepted and loved her new appearance. She also determined to utilise her new platform to assist others, turning a horrible circumstance into something positive.

Hannah said she would want to make a difference. She want people to speak out for themselves. No one deserves to be bullied – it isn’t fair to anybody. She is simply a regular kid with strong convictions. When it comes to bullying, she have to defend people a lot — but it’s worth it.

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