After giving birth in the back of a cab, a stunned mom is given a cleaning bill.

A lady who gave birth in the back of a taxi traveling at 40mph stated she was taken aback when the cab company handed her a cleaning charge for £60.

Farah Cacanindin, 26, had just left hospital for a routine pregnancy check when she went into labor on the cab ride home in Buckinghamshire.

Ms Cacanindin was able to deliver her baby Naia while the cab was still going, which was incredible.

Before delivering her off, the taxi driver called Stoke Mandeville Hospital to notify personnel that she was on her way.

Baby Naia, who had been wrapped in her mother’s jacket after birth, was carefully cared for when they reached, and the couple was permitted to return home.

Ms Cacanindin, on the other hand, said she was taken aback when she received a £90 bill from Arrow Taxis to her house in High Wycombe – £30 for the ride to hospital and £60 for the return journey.

She acknowledged that there had been a shambles in the back of the cab, but that it was an inappropriate thing to do after she had just given birth unexpectedly.

She realized that she did make a mess, but charging her is a little nasty, Ms Cacanindin added.

It was the fastest labor. Five minutes into the voyage, her waters ruptured.

The driver asked if she wanted him to stop over, but she told him to keep going because she thought she’d make it before she was delivered.

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