After Meeting This 4 Yr Old Girl The Lonely Man’s Life Completely Changed.

“This is one of the cutest stories I’ve seen in a long time.

This is Mr. Dan and his new best friend Norah.

They met by chance six months ago in a grocery store.

Mr. Dan’s wife died recently.

She was everything to him.

But now he was all alone.

He told NPR:

“I’m sitting here staring out the back window of my house, just waiting it out to see how long I was going to live.

I felt like about all I had left to do was get in people’s way.”

One day he went to the grocery store.

“I hadn’t shaved for a couple days and hadn’t had a haircut probably for three months and didn’t really give a you-know-what about anything.

What do I do tomorrow? Watch squirrels?”

But that’s when his life changed.

That’s when he met four year-old Norah.

“And all of the sudden I come to the end of the hall, or aisle, and here’s this little girl, and she’s sort of bouncing up and down, and pointing at me, and she said, ‘Hi, old person. Today’s my birfday.’

I didn’t know quite what old person she was talking to, but then she kept pointing at me.”

Norah said:

““I thought he needed a friend, because he was sad.”

Since then they have become best friends.

Mr. Dan has become part of the family.

It’s beautiful to see.

Recently she went over to her house.

Her mom posted this:

“We had the pleasure of having lunch and spending a couple of hours with our friend, Mr. Dan, yesterday.

It’s a joy listen to his stories and watch his face light up while my little girls destroy his house and eat his candy.

They are living proof that taking a moment to be kind can change the trajectory of a life.”

Norah and Mr. Dan are so darn cute.

What more can you say.”

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