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Aging Russell Crowe Slammed for Gaining Weight after Divorce Yet Found Love Again Living on Farm.

Ridley Scott’s renowned picture “Gladiator” was critically lauded at its first release and continues to be regarded as a masterpiece to this day. Scott was recruited to develop a sequel to the legendary historical drama due to its success. Russell Crowe, the original’s actor, recently expressed his thoughts on filming another “Gladiator.”

Crowe received a lot of attention for his girth during his most recent interview. Many individuals turned to social media to express their displeasure with the aging actor’s appearance, advising, often brutally, that he lose weight and trim his beard.

Despite requests that Crowe take better care of himself, he seemed well-groomed and in good health as he came out about the new picture. The actor has mostly abandoned his life in the United States, preferring to spend his days in a rural environment with his new partner.

Crowe recently remarked on the forthcoming “Gladiator” film, stating he is certain Scott will do a good job of resurrecting the universe he created in 2000 for new viewers. Collider reports that the next picture will be released around the end of 2024.

Crowe also discussed his performance in the original picture, acknowledging that he was considerably younger at the time and stating that the film was a major cause of his sustained success as an actor. Crowe has made a name for himself in the entertainment sector despite being nearly two decades older.

Following reports about Crowe’s reaction to the sequel to his legendary film, several social media users remarked on how much the actor had aged since his performance as Maximus Decimus Meridius.

People continued to criticize Crowe’s looks, with some even criticizing his beard.

Crowe revealed on his social media platforms on April 8, 2018, that he and his first wife, Danielle Spencer, have finally resolved their divorce after five hard years of legal battles.

Crowe and Spencer had been married for almost 20 years before deciding to split, and they had two kids: Tennyson Spencer Crowe and Charles Spencer Crowe.” The news of their divorce first leaked in 2003, when the matter was still evolving.

Although Crowe and Spencer are no longer married, it seems that the two are still amicable. Spencer shared an Instagram photo of her ex-husband cradling his two kids, both infant boys, while resting on his back on April 7. She claimed that the message was intended to commemorate his birthday.

“Twenty years ago today, I married the father of my boys,” Spencer captioned the image. It’s not our anniversary anymore, but it’s still that guy’s birthday. “Congratulations on your birthday.” She also posted an old photo of the complete family smiling together in March. She concluded the post, “Looks like we’re having fun.”

Despite the fact that Crowe had divorced his wife of over two decades, the actor didn’t seem too depressed when the papers were completed. In the spirit of new beginnings, the actor chose to relocate to a different country. After filming in the United States in 2019, the actor departed the nation nearly completely.

Crowe chose to live in Australia, where he now resides in an apartment in Sydney. He also spends a lot of time on his farm in Nana Glen, Australia. In 2020, the actor used his Golden Globes triumph to highlight Australia’s catastrophic circumstances as it fought bushfires. He did not present himself in person but issued the following statement:

“Make no mistake about it. Climate change is to blame for the disaster unfolding in Australia. We must act on scientific evidence, transition our global workforce to renewable energy, and appreciate our planet for the unique and magnificent place it is.”

Although Crowe’s property was severely damaged in the bushfires, his stay in Australia had numerous benefits as well. Crowe was spotted spending time with former actress Britney Theriot on a tennis court in November 2020, a location they frequent often. After playing a few rounds, the two were discovered kissing.

They keep their relationship private, although they’ve known each other since 2013, when they appeared in “Broken City” together. Theriot is now a realtor, and vacation photos Crowe published on Twitter showed her getting along with the actor’s two boys.

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