AITA for yelling at my friend because she revealed the paternity of my son to his biological father and his family after I asked her not to.

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I have a 2-year-old son with my ex. He was honest and told me he didn’t want to be a dad and that he believed he was too selfish to be a good one. I didn’t want an abortion and he said he wouldn’t force me to get one so we came to an agreement, I would have the baby and he would help me financially but I wouldn’t expect anything else from him.

My friend Nancy, who is a close family friend of my ex’s, recently wouldn’t stop asking me if my ex was my son’s father since he looks like him. Only my family knows he is, and I wasn’t going to tell her at first but Nancy is one of my best friends and I thought I could trust her. I asked her not to tell anyone as I didn’t want it to be public knowledge.

Despite agreeing not to, she ended up telling not only my ex about me supposedly hiding his baby from him, but also his entire family. It’s caused a lot of issues and my ex’s family has a lawyer threatening to take my son away from me. My ex’s family are influential and I can’t afford to fight them in court so I’m genuinely terrified of them.

Nancy tried to apologise to me after my ex told her he had always known about our son. I was so angry and upset that I just yelled at her until she left. I told her she was a bitch and that she had ruined my life. Nancy has been getting sympathy from some of our mutual friends who think I was too harsh since she thought she was doing the right thing by telling my ex, who is like family to her, that he had a child. Am I a Jerk ? What should I do? Can I even do anything? 

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