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Al Pacino apparently requested a paternity test from his 29-year-old lover.

According to a recent claim, Al Pacino apparently requested his partner, Noor Alfallah, 29, for a paternity test after she revealed she was pregnant with his fourth child.

The iconic actor, 83, at first did not think the baby was his.

On Thursday, a spokeswoman for Pacino said that they were not making any comments.

Alfallah, who is now eight months pregnant, happily submitted to the paternity test, which determined that Pacino is definitely the father. He was apparently unaware she was pregnant until two months ago and was “shocked” to discover the news, according to a source.

The “Godfather” actor and Alfallah are expecting their first child. Previously, she was connected to Mick Jagger and millionaire Nicholas Berggruen. Pacino, who turned 83 in April, has three children: a daughter with ex-wife Jan Tarrant and twins with ex-wife Beverly D’Angelo.

Alfallah posted a snapshot of herself and Pacino on Instagram in April while visiting a friend’s art museum in New York—the couple’s first appearance on her social media feed.

D’Angelo shared rare images of their kids earlier this month, reflecting on her “unique” bond with Pacino.

Her story with Al started 27 years ago, when two artists met and fell in love. They lived together for seven years, had two kids, eventually broke up, but went on on their journey as coparents and came to share their lives with a deeper kind of closeness, integrity, and approval than a ‘traditional’ relationship would have allowed (at least for them), D’Angelo captioned a video montage.

D’Angelo acknowledged being sincerely in love with Pacino and being one hundred percent in love with her, but the pair never married. They had twins, Olivia and Anton, in 2001 and divorced in 2004.

As for her and Al, it’s an uncommon and deep friendship between two artists that continues to this day, through thick and thin, after 27 years of doing it their way, and there’s one who has it, she remarked.

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