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Ali MacGraw Gave Up Career For Only Son — Now At 83 She Loves Being A Grandma And Calls Motherhood ‘Hardest Of Jobs’

Ali MacGraw, a Wellesley College graduate, worked as a photographer assistant and model for fashion publications before becoming a movie star. She broke through at the age of 31 when she starred in “Goodbye, Columbus,” for which she won her first Golden Globe.

Aside from becoming a successful celebrity, she was devoted to her family. MacGraw was married three times, and her sole child, Josh Evans, was born during her second marriage to film producer Robert Evans.

The actress married Robert for three years before marrying her third ex-husband, Steve McQueen, whom she met on the set of “The Getaway” in 1972.

The next year, the couple married and relocated to Malibu with their children from previous marriages. At the time, MacGraw, who had previously been named the world’s top female box office star, took a hiatus from the industry to concentrate on raising her only kid.

The “Goodbye, Columbus” actor said that McQueen’s popularity as a movie superstar was too much for her, and he prevented her from working.

She retired early, but she spent five years at home with her son. Despite her efforts, her marriage ended in divorce, and McQueen, who died a few years later, left her with nothing (they signed a prenup).

MacGraw’s life outside of performing was like a sad film with a joyful ending. The actress said in her memoirs “Moving Pictures” that her life was damaged by alcohol and terrible love affairs.

Luckily, she attended the Betty Ford Center in 1986, where she saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Her stay there changed her life and led her down a different route.

Despite reuniting with her “Love Story” co-star, Ryan O’Neal, MacGraw was not anxious for a film part. The actress said that she was no longer interested in performing.

What was most important to the Wellesley College alum was advocacy and community service. She saved animals, did community service and counseling, and practiced yoga, all of which contributed to her young appearance.

MacGraw has always had a great relationship with her doppelganger son. She supported his decisions and talked well of him when he was younger, and she still does.

Josh was accompanied by his then-girlfriend, Natasha Wagner, Natalie Wood, and Robert Wagner’s daughter in 1991 when he visited his mother in Santa Monica. Following the visit, the pleased mother exclaimed that he’s fantastic. He’s her favorite person on the earth, and he’s dating a girl she adore. Their bond is built on friendship and respect, among other things.

Josh is now a happily married guy with a kid, whom he shares with his current wife, Roxy Saint. He previously married Charis Michelsen.

Aside from his love life, he inherited his parents’ performance genes. Josh has a successful career in Hollywood as a filmmaker and actor. “The Doors,” “The Prince of Air,” and “Born on the Fourth of July” are among his major works.

In 2019, the famed movie producer, Robert, died, and his ex-wife, MacGraw, and their son grieved him in a joint statement that read Bob will be much missed by their son, Joshua, and they are very proud of his major contribution to the film industry. He will be remembered as a colossus.

While Robert was still living, the “Love Story” actress never missed an opportunity to honor him with her kid. When he was presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012, people celebrated by kneeling on the spot.

MacGraw is a loving grandma who enjoys spending time with her sole grandchild, Jackson, in addition to being a caring ex-wife and a wonderful mother.

Josh and Saint married two years after the birth of their son and have been together for over a decade. Thankfully, they have the “Love Story” actress who is completely immersed in her performance as a grandma.

Even though MacGraw admits that grand parenting is the “hardest of professions,” she enjoys her grandson’s company and never reluctant to ask him for assistance while putting up a movie.

When she’s not with Jackson, the “Goodbye, Columbus” star is busy working with Ibu, a South Carolina-based group that promotes self-sufficiency in women via their abilities (with textiles). She released a line dubbed “ali4ibu” as a brand ambassador.

In her adoptive homeland of Santa Fe, New Mexico, the former model met Ibu creator Susan Hull Walker. They met while visiting the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market.

Soon after, the ladies collaborated on clothing of all shapes and sizes, including textiles from other cultures. She asserted that her stint with the brand helped to restore cultural harmony.

Hull Walker had a similar attitude, stating, she has lived a life of service. She is a fashion icon who has always worn ‘ibu-style.

MacGraw feels fulfilled in her life of satisfaction, helping women attain freedom by generating chances and enjoying culture, by being a mom to her son and grandma to Jackson—her two favorite persons whose photographs sit on her fridge.

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