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Alyssa Milano Shows No-Makeup Face On 50th B-Day — People Called Her ‘Ugly’ But Husband Has Loved Her For 13 Yrs.

Alyssa Milano has a birthday custom of uploading a photo on Instagram and commenting on her thoughts and lessons. The “Who’s the Boss?” star was naturally sentimental and optimistic.

She did the same on her 48th birthday and conveyed her feelings about her looks in her post. Her skin isn’t as tight and her physique isn’t as supple as it was when she first started in the profession, but they represent the experiences she’s had.

Although such self-awareness is a blessing, individuals will utilize social media platforms to voice their uncensored thoughts on others. Milano and other famous personalities are frequently the victim of cruel remarks, personal insults, and even bullying.

The “Insatiable” actor is hated online not simply for her stardom, but also for her outspoken political opinions. She is outspoken about humanitarian and progressive causes, and she utilizes her wealth and position to speak out on topics she believes in.

Milano has been described as a social media activist by some. She was influential in the resurgence of the #MeToo movement in 2017, which was started by fellow activist Tarana Burke. Her tweet sparked a global movement in which many victims of sexual exploitation felt empowered to speak out about their experiences.

The actor is also politically active, and her socials reflect this. She presents “Alyssa Milano: Sorry, Not Sorry,” a podcast that “addresses social, political, and cultural concerns,” which frequently pits her against individuals who disagree with her. The most noteworthy feuds were between Milano and her “Charmed” co-star Rose McGowan, as well as Elon Musk, the founder of Twitter.

Whether one agrees with her ideas or admires her photographs, Milano, the activist, the actress, and the 50-year-old wife and mother are all aspects of a person deserving of love and respect. Many people enjoy her uncensored posts. Amy Cuddy, a psychologist and author, remarked on her birthday selfie:

“Happy birthday, Alyssa!!! I’ve never felt stronger, braver, more content, and more beautiful than I have this year, since I turned 50 in July. Here’s to a strong, brave, beautiful 50!!! “

Milla Jovovich, another actress, chimed in, calling Milano a delight and a force of nature who utilizes her voice to tell it like it is. On Twitter, a friend described the actress-activist as a kind, intelligent, gorgeous angel, saying she brings pleasure and light into many people’s lives.

Milano appears to be in a joyful and balanced state in her most recent birthday message, saying she is grateful to be here as who she is and in the present. There’s still so much to look forward to! she exclaims, expressing her gratitude for how far she has gone.

She also encourages her followers to recognize their accomplishments, cherish those close to them, and keep moving forward. Taking stock of one’s possessions, if this is on one’s birthday or not, promotes empathy for those in need.

In 2021, Milano published “Sorry, Not Sorry,” a collection of writings that inspired her podcast of the same name. She devotes a chapter to her 13-year-husband, talent agent David Bugliari.

The “Melrose Place” star maintains that loving one another entails not taking each other for granted. It is difficult to provide a meaningful apology. Forgiveness is neither. Love entails appreciating each other’s efforts and allowing each other the room to achieve or fail.

Milano discussed one of the most difficult aspects of her marriage to Bugliari in her book. They were pregnant shortly after their wedding in 2009. Unfortunately, she miscarried, and the newlyweds were naturally sad. However, the actress was battling an internal conflict.

She blamed herself for their baby’s death, believing that God was punishing her for the abortions she had in her twenties. But her husband remained by her and assured her that their goal of becoming kids will one day come true.

He made her laugh in that awful moment, which is one of the reasons Milano despises the fact that job commitments frequently keep her away from Bugliari. Milo, 11, was conceived three months after their miscarriage, and Elizabella, 8, was born to the couple.

Alyssa Milano is thankful that she and her spouse worked hard, had faith, love, and patience, and were able to stay together. They like watching their kids develop as a result of their affection. Milano is awestruck by what love has produced in her life.

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