Am I Acting Entitled Arguing With Boyfriend For Defending His Mother.

The protagonist, a Vietnamese woman, goes to meet her American boyfriend’s parents and is met with hostility and racism. When the protagonist defends herself, her boyfriend takes his mother’s side, leading to a heated argument and a strained relationship.

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My boyfriend Carter, (29M, fake name) and I, (27F) have been dating for about a year. We are of different ethnicities/nationalities, (not sure of the right term.) Me, being Vietnamese, and him being American. Recently he took me to go meet his parents, but when they opened the door their smiles faded. I was a bit confused and my boyfriend asked if anything was wrong but they said no and just let us in. We were talking for a bit when his mom asked what my nationality was, I answered her truthfully, saying I was Vietnamese. She tried to dramatically gag in disbelief, and obviously I asked what was wrong. She told me that I should go back to my own country and stay away from her son, I argued back, defending myself.

I was trying to reason with her but she just wouldn’t budge, she eventually started scolding her own son for even going near “somebody like me” I was in absolute awe as my boyfriend started yelling at me too, taking his moms side. I stared at him in disbelief as I clutched my bag and walked out the door. I went into the car and drove off back home. It wouldn’t have been an issue since he was obviously going to stay with them anyways, or I thought.. A couple hours after I got home, (about 10PM) he texted me and started yelling at me, asking why I left without him and that he doesn’t have a way of getting back home. I just ignored it at first, then he sent me an angry text saying he was gonna stay at their house for a while and come back tomorrow. I shrugged it off, I was still so pissed. I was just watching Netflix, eating popcorn and crying.

The next day after I woke up, I got a text saying he was taking an uber back home. So I just watched the tv and waited honestly, because I wanted to talk and maybe reason with him a little bit. After an hour or two he arrived and barged into the room, immediately yelling at me. I tried to calm him down and talk to him. I understand it’s his mom but It isn’t right to treat and let somebody be treated like that, not the tiniest bit of sympathy for my situation. He yelled saying he would choose his mom over me any day, I told him that of course family is important but it wasn’t okay to treat me like that, I kept saying the same thing because it was like he was just ignoring every word that came out of my mouth.

We argued for a very long time, he eventually just yelled at me saying he was gonna stay at his parents house for a while. Once he left I just started bawling, I didn’t really know what was going on.. Sorry if this is confusing to read, I’m still confused about everything right now.. I hope I explained everything alright though. So Am I Wrong ?

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