Am I The Jerk For Pretending To Be A Sugar Baby To Humiliate Someone?

Interfering in one’s personal life is not right. A best friend should know where to draw a line and not interfere in her/his best friend’s life. Instead, if you know he/she is happy with a great person, be happy for them instead of judging their lover. Read the story and share your opinion about this situation.

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I (31f) recently moved into my boyfriend’s (42m) house. We’ve been together five years. I’m friendly with almost all of his friends, except for his best friend’s girlfriend, who hates me. I’ll call her Elle.

Elle thinks I’m a gold-digger. My boyfriend does make a lot more money than me, but I have a decent job, work hard (I won’t say what it is for privacy reasons, but I freelance) and I make okay money. Part of the reason she thinks this about me might be because we’ve got different backgrounds. He (and most of his friends) grew up wealthy, and I grew up working-class. She’s forever making little digs at my background (I’m from a poorer part of the country, with a strong accent) and trying to pass it off as banter. For the record, I banter with my boyfriend all the time about our backgrounds. She doesn’t do this in front of my boyfriend and I’ve never really brought it up with him, except for in passing, because I just find it funny.

Since I moved in with him, she’s made non-stop comments to me about how I must be so happy I’ve “bagged” him because I’d never have been able to live in a place like his otherwise. A few weeks ago, she even told me she was expecting me to announce a pregnancy to “lock him in”. I can’t have children, but she doesn’t know that. When she said that, it got to the point that it was no longer funny to me, so instead of laughing it off like I normally do, I decided I’d just play along. The next time she made a comment, I just smiled and placed a hand on my stomach. She looked shocked but didn’t say anything. A little later on, she commented on how “Stressful it must be not to have a full-time job.” So, I just said something like, “Well, I won’t need to worry about that soon.” and kind of smiled again.

I’m not sure why I thought this was a good idea, but I was enjoying how angry it was making her so I kept doing it. Last Friday, at a meal out with my boyfriend and a group of his friends, things came to a head. I wasn’t drinking (I’m dieting), and in the middle of the meal, she brought it up and said something like, “It’s weird to see a (person from your region) sober.” I laughed it off, but then she kept asking why I wasn’t drinking, even after I said I was on a diet. Eventually she just blurted out: “You must be happy you’re expecting Miles, but I thought you didn’t want kids?” (not actually my boyfriend’s name). I pretended to be shocked and looked over at Miles, and said “Actually, I can’t have children.” Literally everyone was silent. I got up and left and Miles followed me.

She was apparently mortified. At that moment it felt great, but on reflection, I think I might have taken it too far. I’ve since heard that her boyfriend is sleeping at a different friend’s house and the rest of the group aren’t talking to her. I’m feeling more and more like an Jerk and I’m wondering if I should come clean and tell everyone I deliberately misled her into thinking I was pregnant? (My boyfriend knows and thinks she had it coming) Did I go too far here? What do I do?

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