Am I Wrong For Accepting Meals From My Ex-Wife As It Makes My Fiance Uncomfortable.

A man loves a dish that his ex makes, which is a family recipe, and she freezes some for him to take to work. His fiancée doesn’t like it and he promises to stop accepting the food. However, when his ex’s freezer breaks and she offers him some of the frozen meals, including the dish he loves, he takes them. His fiancée becomes angry and accuses him of putting his ex over her and threatens to end the relationship.

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My Ex-wife is half Jordanian and half British. Both my Fiancée and I are British. My Ex and I share 3 children.

There’s a dish that my Ex makes which is a family recipe from the Jordanian side of her family and it is delicious. She doesn’t share the recipe with anyone. I love it, it’s probably my favourite dish. Whenever my Ex would make it, she would make a big batch and freeze some individually for me to take to work when we were together. Since we split, she would still freeze individual portions and would occasionally offer them to me as she knew I like the dish.

My Fiancée doesn’t cook. I am the cook in our house. She has no idea of what food we keep in the cupboards or the fridge or freezer. If it was up to her, we would eat out regularly. She has mentioned on occasion that she doesn’t like it when I accept food from my Ex and that it makes her feel uncomfortable. I told her that I would stop accepting the food from my ex.

When my EX dropped the children off at the weekend, she came to me with a bag of food. Her freezer had broken and these meals were still frozen solid and she wanted to know if I wanted any of the meals. Anything that I wasn’t going to take, she was going to drop off at her mum’s for her. I did take some of the meals, especially that dish that I love. When my Fiancée found out I had taken food from my Ex, she went mad. Telling me that I didn’t love, that I loved my Ex; that I was yet again picking my Ex over her – about a year ago, I dropped dinner plans with her to go to the hospital to collect the children after they had been in a car crash with my Ex. My Ex was having to stay overnight and had asked me to go if I could take the children, my Fiancée was upset that I hadn’t taken her feelings into consideration and feels like I am doing it again. My Fiancée is currently not talking to me and is staying at her sister’s. The last message I got from her is that she is reconsidering our relationship because she’s fed up with me not putting her first. I think I’m done, of course my children will always come first.

Am I Wrong for accepting food from my Ex?

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