Am I Wrong For Missing My FIL Funeral When Asked To Fly Economy.

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Me f31 and my MIL doesn’t have a close relationship. She’s civil towards me but can be a bit passive aggressive at times and we tend to disagree often.

We live in a different state. FIL passed away suddenly and MIL told me and my husband to come attend the funeral. She booked our tickets to fly to her state. But the issue started when my husband told me that we couldn’t sit together in the plane because his mom had booked him a first class ticket while I got economy. I was flabbergasted by this. I tried asking him why but he urged me to “suck it up, and we’ll talk about it later”. In that moment, that particular moment I felt so much humiliation and contempt. I felt like she was treating me as less than even in her hard times. I decided to not go and just go back home. My husband was shocked by my decision to go home and tried to convince me to just go but I declined.

He went alone and I ended up missing the funeral. He was livid just calling me and texting nasty things calling me petty and spoiled. He said that I should be grateful his mom paid for my ticket to begin with then said that she doesn’t OWE me a Goddamn thing. I argued about how she could’ve just booked us both in economy if money was an issue but he called me pathetic for thinking about it when his dad just died. He said it was cruel what I did and that his mom and family will never forget that I missed the funeral over ridiculous reasons.

AITA for going home over this?

ETA. One of the reasons I didn’t settle for the economy ticket was because I wanted to sit next to my husband and support him. He sobbed the whole ride to the airport and I didn’t want to leave his side. I was shocked when he told me we couldn’t sit together, and how he said it like he had no issue with it.

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