Am I Wrong For Not Canceling The Honeymoon Despite What Happened With My Brother-In-Law.

A newlywed couple on their honeymoon in Spain faces a dilemma when the husband wants to cut the trip short to support his brother whose wife and daughter were in a car crash. Despite his wife’s suggestion to send his best wishes and continue the trip, the husband accuses her of being selfish and threatens to leave her to continue the honeymoon alone.

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My husband (m32) and I (f24) just got married three weeks ago and we are currently celebrating our honeymoon. The plan was to travel for two months to different countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. We are currently in Spain and we are supposed to take a plane to Morocco in two days. However my husband wants to cut the trip short and go back to our home now.

The thing is his brother is in a horrible situation, his wife and daughter had a car crash and they’re in the hospital. The kid is fine but his wife has to be a little longer in the hospital, that’s all I know. I told my husband that I understand he wants to support his brother but that he’s not a doctor so he can’t do anything to help really. And his brother’s wife is fine, she probably only has a broken leg or something and that’s why she needs some more days in the hospital. I told him to just call his brother and ask to talk with his wife so he can send her his best wishes and that’s all that he can do honestly. His parents and his in-laws are helping with the kids so there’s really nothing they need help in. I told him our honeymoon was important because it’s a time for ourselves to enjoy and spend time together.

He wasn’t having any of it, he called me selfish and then he kicked me out of our bedroom, I had to ask for a new one until he decided to let me in again. He told me that he’s leaving tomorrow because he needs to be supportive of his brother and told me I can continue the trip by myself. But that’s not the point of our honeymoon at all, I told him so and he said that if he would’ve known how bi**hy I was he would’ve never dated me. Am I really wrong here?

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