Am I Wrong For Refusing My Husband’s Sister And Her Kid To My Vacation Home For A Week.

We all love going to holidays with people that we enjoy and love being with. Read this story to know what happened when this family decided to go for a holiday and let us know how you would deal with such a situation.

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My husband (30M) and I (29F) are planning a week-long vacation at my vacation home that I inherited from my parents some years back. We are leaving Friday and coming home next Friday. We are bringing my 3 kids (12m, 9m, 6m). My husband had mentioned bringing along our mutual friends (Rob and Trish)and their 2 daughters (11 and 7) and I was completely okay with this.

I told him to invite them, as our kids get along great and they are good company. The vacation home has lake access with canoes and kayaks and plenty of fishing/swimming areas and a nice sized fire pit. However, they unfortunately can’t make it due to work.

My SIL “Jen” (46F) has a 12yo daughter named “Emma”. I know I’m 100% going to sound like an AH here but I do not like this child and I can barely tolerate my SIL. My SIL raised Emma to believe she had Autism (she still thinks the doctors simply “dont want to diagnose her” despite them running multiple tests and stating it’s truly just ADHD). Everything that Emma does is excused as “well she has autism and doesnt think or react the same way as other kids”. She is a massive bully to both kids and adults. I can’t even count how many times she has looked at me while I’m talking and said “Will you just stop talking? It’s really annoying.” Stuff like that.

Well last week Emma was pulled from school for mental health because she bullied the wrong kid and it backfired. So my SIL pulls her from school, excuses it as Autism and says she needs a “much needed mental health break”. My SIL knows we are going and asked my husband if they could come; so he asked me if I would be willing to let my SIL and her kid tag along and I immediately said no. Absolutely not, under no circumstances.

He says he understands why I wouldn’t want them to but claims maybe being away from electronics and the city will help his niece and I said that I wasn’t willing to have a sh%tty time to test whether or not it helps his niece and that this is supposed to be our break, not an added headache. His final argument was that the boys could “use the company” and I laughed and said “In what world do you think the boys would want her company considering they dont even like going to her house?”

He put his hands up and said “alright, no problem”, told his sister I said no and now she is fuming at us; saying her kid needs the break and she feels like we are being unnecessarily harsh. I  need some advice on if I’m wrong? 

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