Am I Wrong For Refusing To Take Off My Necklace For My Sister’s Wedding.

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My (25F) sister “Cindy” (29F) is getting married in 3 months and she asked me to be her MOH. Of course, I said yes! Cindy and I have always been fairly close, we definitely have our issues, but nothing too serious.

I have a small cross necklace that my Grandpa gave me when I was 13. I wear it 24/7 unless I’m taking a shower or going swimming. I wear the necklace for sentimental and religious reasons. Needless to say, it’s extremely important to me.

A few days ago, Cindy and I were going dress shopping together. Cindy’s 5 other bridesmaids were also there. While I was trying on one of the dresses, Cindy made a comment about my necklace. She told me that I’ll have to take my necklace off during her wedding because it “clashes with the dress and the theme.”

I told her that, while I understand it’s her wedding, I will have to refuse her request. She knows how important my necklace is to me and that I almost never take it off. Cindy started to get upset and kept insisting that I could take off my “stupid necklace” for one day! I was getting frustrated and I told her that my decision was finale.

She was pissed! She told me that if some piece of “gaudy jewelry” was so important, then I’m no longer welcome in her wedding. I started to get emotional, so I quickly changed out of the dress and left the shop. All of the bridesmaids are on Cindy’s side. They said that I’m being uptight and what Cindy wants should be my top priority. What should i do?

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