Am I Wrong For Reporting My Sister To The Cops Even My Family Isn’t Talking To Me.

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Before anyone tells me I betrayed my family, she left her five months old baby, my nephew, inside a car. She told me she was only gone for half an hour, walking through a grocery store with her boyfriend, while her baby was in a car parked out in the heat. Yes, it’s really hot where we live too. Because of that, my nephew got a heatstroke. I called the cops and reported her for endangerment of a child and now my parents are calling me a traitor to the family. How do I get them to see that I did the right thing?

EDIT : Since some are worried about my nephew being placed in foster care, his dad (not the guy my sister was with, btw) has a perfectly clean record, and so do his parents. He and my sister already had joint custody before this. My nephew is at the guy’s house right now and both the guy and his parents said they are happy to raise him. They’ll be going to court soon to apply for full custody.

EDIT : For those who think she should get a second chance, when I found out about what she did, I asked her if she realized how serious this is. She said ‘He didn’t die, so it’s no big deal.’

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