Am I Wrong Leaving With My Baby When My Husband And His Mother Did This To Me.

A wife seeking her husband’s support and encouragement after giving birth to a child. In this story, a mother intended to have her dinner after caring for her child, but to her surprise, there was no meal left. Read the article to find out what she did, and then tell us how you would behave in such a circumstance.

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I f32 gave birth to my son 5 weeks ago. My husband’s mom has been camping in the living room ever since and inviting people over, making a mess in the house, etc. I said nothing because if I open my mouth, my husband would start scolding me saying his mom is there to help and I should be grateful. What I did was ignore her and focus on my son.

I handle feeding, diaper change, cleaning, wiping. I only get a few hours sleep so my husband’s mom isn’t really helping with the baby. But I thought to myself “well, at least she cooks for us!”.

Last night, I was in the bedroom breastfeeding my son. I knew I was late for dinner but I thought that my husband and his mom saved a plate for me. Once I got done with my son, I walked out the room and saw my husband and his mom sitting watching tv. I asked about dinner and my husband said it was “probably” on the stove. As I was walking towards the kitchen, his mom loudly said that she didn’t save me any food. I was absolutely shocked. I asked her why and she simply said “Well, we didn’t see you at the dinner table so I thought you weren’t hungry”.

I lost it and yelled that I was feeding my son OF COURSE I was hungry, I was actually starving!. She shrugged her shoulders and said it wasn’t her fault I didn’t “show up for dinner” but she knew damn well that I was with my son and hadn’t eaten a thing in hours!. My husband asked me to not raise my voice at his mom but I told him that he saw what happened and didn’t think about me being hungry and needing food. he lashed out asking what the f**k I wanted him to do and I said “I don’t know, maybe save some food for me?” She defended him saying it was selfish of me to basically berate him for eating his dinner after working for long hours at the department.

An argument ensued and I went inside the bedroom, packed a small bag for me and my son, called my brother to come take me to mom’s house and my husband blew up at me as I was making my way out. We argued at the door and he told me that what I was doing was uncalled for and childish. I told him I couldn’t take his mom anymore, he said I should be ashamed of myself for talking about her like that after she literally put her life “on pause” so she could help ME out. My brother came and I got into the car and left.

He picked some food for me on the way and I ate like a hungry bear. My husband never stopped calling though. In his last text he called me “nuts” and demanded I return today but I said that I miss my mom, that I like it here in her clean home with her healthy food and would like to stay for a while. He’s lost it and got his family involved, accusing me of keeping his son away from him and punishing him over “food”. Did I go too far here? What should I do? 

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