Am I Wrong Lying To My Grandma About What I Am Feeding Her.

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My grandmother (86f) has been asking me to make this specific curry for the past 2 weeks or so.

To make it you need breadfruit, which I could not find anywhere. I’ve driven around the town trying to find it, but no dice. Instead I’ve been making the curry using potatoes. The first few times she asked what’s in it, I told her truthfully that it was potato. She looked so sad, and even cried a little. She refused to eat anything those nights. Now when grandma asks what’s in it, I reply “it’s breadfruit”. Her face absolutely lights up. She used to have this breadfruit curry as a child, but now can’t really tell the difference between it and potato. She’s in her 80s, I honestly think she has good memories of eating said food, but can’t really remember its taste.

She’s going back to a nursing home in a few weeks, and I know that “breadfruit curry” will not be a menu option. I’m still running around trying to find actual breadfruit, but until then potato it is.

She’s been consistently asking for this for dinner every night, and refuses when I offer to make her something else.

My family found out what I was doing and it kind of split. My sister thinks I’m being incredibly deceptive and should stop lying to her, while my cousin thinks that I’m just making grandma happy before she goes to her nursing home.

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