Am I Wrong Shaming My Sister After I Found A Condom Under My Bed.

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Some info about me: im 23f and im sex repulsed asexual. However if someone loves sex im never ever rude to them or think bad about them. If they have healthy sex life and they are happy, im happy for them too.

So into the problem. My sister (26f) came to visit me with her fiancé 4 days ago. They got engaged 2 weeks ago and I’m so happy for them. My sister knows that im asexual and how i feel about sex in general. I asked her as nicely as i could that if they do anything sexual in my house that i don’t want to see or hear anything or if they could wait until i leave to school or work/gym. She agreed and i thought that was it.

However the first night thay were here I woke up to the weird sound and it took me a moment to realize what it was. They were having sex the next room. Very loudly, they didn’t even close mine or their doors. I just put my headphones in and listened to some music. Needless to say i didn’t sleep well at all and it affected my school and job performance the next morning.

There were few more incidents after that when they had sex in a shower and then again at night. Next morning I asked her again as politely as I could if they could keep it down and wait till I left the house. She smirked, apologized and said it won’t happen again and not to worry.

Anyway I was cleaning my room this morning and saw some trash under my bed so I just took it out and when I saw what it was I almost threw up. It was a used condom. I screamed and threw it on the floor and just stood there in shock. My sister came to my room to see what was going on and when she saw it she looked surprised and then fu**ing laugh about it. She said “oops, sorry”.

I was so mortified and I could feel how I was about to cry. Which is stupid i know. I asked her if they did it on my bed? Why didn’t they clean up after themself? She looked at me like i was a crazy person and just told me to stop over reacting and that “people in a real relationships have sex all the time”. How i should stop making being asexual/gay into my personality and that i need to grow up and that “normal men and women are ment to have sex with each other” and so on. This triggered me a lot since a lot of people have rejected me in the past because of my sexuality. (Which they have 100% right to do).

Anyway this is where I could be the AH. I told her that this is my house and these are my rules and if they can’t respect that they can f**k off. And also that if 2 grown a*s people can”t go one week without sex its very pathetic and sad and they need to learn to control themself better. She got really upset and started to cry. Her fiancé was in a store so she called him and they left. They messaged me and said that I was an a**hole and i s*ut shamed my sister for being in love and that i need therapy for my “problems”.

Would you be mad in her position? Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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