Am I Wrong Showing My Friend The Prenup My Fiancé Wants Me To Sign.

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My fiancé asked me to sign a prenup which I have no problem with. I received a copy of it on Monday and I showed it to my friend, who is my fiancé’s cousin, because she was curious and she’s the only person I know who has any experience with prenups.

Reading the prenup is how she discovered something she was supposed to inherit has already been given to my fiancé and nobody told her. She’s understandably upset and it’s causing a lot of drama in their family.

Everybody knows she found out because of me and they’re upset with me and blame me for the drama. My fiancé’s dad asked me why I showed it to her and when I explained I wanted her opinion since I didn’t have any experience with prenups he told me that was what the lawyer was for rudely. My fiancé did defend me but even he’s upset that I showed her since he thinks the prenup should’ve been kept between the two of us. Am I A Jerk?

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