Am I Wrong Telling Brother’s Fiance She Couldn’t Do College As She Had To Raise A Kid

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My f24 brother ‘Adam’ m30, met a single mom f32 (from latin origins) ‘Michelle” a year ago and they recently got engaged.

We only met her a few times but he brought her and her son over for dinner on sunday. To be quite honest, the family and I didn’t know much about her so after dinner we started talking to her about her personal life. She told us she has only a high school education/degree. She said she always wanted to go to college and obtain a degree but said that “it was so hard to do”.

I found that a bit cliche. especially after she started complaining about lack of opportunities and resources. I told her I disagreed because colleges give all kinds of opportunities and scholarships and that the real reason she couldn’t go to college was because of the fact that she was a mom and had to raise a kid. She stared at me silently looking offended then asked if I was implying that her decision to be a mom ruined her opportunities. I told her only she could answer this question once she takes a look at her life and see if she’s really happy where she is .vs. where she could’ve been without the whole struggling mom thing. She got upset and told me that she’s happy with her life and her job at the salon. and said that she did not appreciate how judgemental and condescending I was towards her and her child. Adam heard the commotion and asked what was going on. She told him and he decided it was time to leave. She couldn’t even wait or say goodby she took her son and went to wait in the car.

Adam chewed me out saying it was none of my business how she’s living her life, but I explained that I was stating an opinion, nothing more nothing less. Mom sided with them saying I was out of line rude and ridiculous but my younger sister said that Michelle was being too sensitive and she should get over herself already. Adam left and then mom called him in the evening the next day then came into my room to yell at me saying I made Michelle cry with what I said.

Now mom wants me to apologize but I’m not sure whether I was out of line here. 

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