Am I Wrong Telling Mother-In-Law My Daughter Can No Longer Stay At Her House.

Parenting is not an easy task. Each parent has its own way of dealing with their children. Disciplining the kids is important. Read the story to know what issue this mother faces and what do you think she should do?

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My daughter (6f) has recently been asking her grandmother to stay at her place often and my mother in law just decides to TELL me that my child will be staying at her place. Now normally this wouldn’t bother me and wouldn’t think too much of it, however my husband said that my daughter has been asking to stay there because of the “yelling” at our house.

I will admit that recently I have been losing my patience with her more easily than in the past, so yes after asking her 3 times to do something I will yell at her asking her to PLEASE do what I asked.

When I found out this was why she was going over there so much I told my husband and my mother in law that it would be stopping. By no means am I a bad mother, and both of her siblings completely understand that I yell out of frustration from the lack of listening, they have admitted that they know if they just listen the first time to what I say I’m nice and calm and things run smoothly. I’ve also always explained to her why I yelled at her, after the situation calmed. So to me, her asking to go over there because I yell is just an excuse. She isn’t made to behave the same way there as she is here and she knows it. I’ve heard how she talks to her grandparents and I’m disgusted and they don’t say a word about it.

But now both my husband and my mother in law (who already hates me) are super PO that I’ve said she can’t go over there for excuses like this. I’m not stopping her from going over there completely, just stopping this behaviour where when she doesn’t like something she runs to them to avoid having to deal with the consequences of her actions at home. So Am I A Jerk? What would you do in her situation? Any advice.

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