Am I Wrong Telling My Cousin I Don’t Care That She Has 3 Years To Live.

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I have a second cousin called “Jane”. She is very close with my parents. We aren’t close because she’s always been kinda mean to me, but as we live in the same city and my parents often work long hours she often accompanied me to extracurricular activities by taking the bus with me downtown as she was the only one available.

I got her a nice Christmas gift this year with allowance I saved up so I don’t think I’ve been ungrateful for what she’s done for me. I’d also like to note I’m not that young(16F), it’s just my parents are weird about public transport because I‘m very small and a girl, and my mom was often harassed on the bus when she was young.

Jane was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer recently, and was given an estimate of three years left. Ever since she received the news, she’s often done things like cutting in long lines, and asking for discounts normally only available to service workers with the phrase “I’ve only got three more years, we gotta make ‘em good.”

Recently, my parents asked Jane to escort me on a flight to visit my family who lived in another state for two weeks. I’d never flown alone before, so the deal was that Jane would fly with me there and show me how things worked, return home without me, and then I would fly home alone after I knew how. My parents covered everything plus some nice Skincare for Jane as a thank you.

On the flight, she stretched out her knees and legs onto the seat in front of us. When the person understandably turned around to complain, she used the stupid excuse about the three years to live thing again. The person said they were sorry about that but to please put her legs in her own space. She kicked her legs around a bit and then put them so her knees were resting on the back of the seat in front of us. I told her she was acting childish and she said that she deserves to be comfortable in her last years of life. I then told her that me and others around her don’t care about her living life to the fullest at the expense of others.

She was really quiet for the rest of the flight and I felt horrible. I know I could have phrased it nicer but I was sick of her being a jerk to random people. So, AITA and how much? 

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