Am I Wrong Telling My Sister To Stop Taking Showers With Her Husband In My House.

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My f32, sister f28, and her husband m32 moved in with us 2 days ago after they lost their apartment to medical debts for their child (my nephew). My husband and I are more than happy to have them stay for a few weeks til they get this resolved.

However, Yesterday at 7pm, I was in the kitchen when my husband rushed in and said that he saw both my sister and her husband walk out of the bathroom. They’d most likely taken a shower together. My husband said that it irked him and I agreed that what they did was somewhat inappropriate. He asked me to speak to my sister on the matter and I did. She got defensive asking how this is affecting me or my husband in any way. I told her that it made my husband feel uncomfortable and would rather that they just take their showers separately. She started ranting about being overwhelmed by their son’s health problems and not having some alone time together as a married couple and found this activity as a bonding time to spend together. I apologized for how she felt but requested that she just do as asked. She got mad at me and said that I was being inconsiderate and she didn’t understand my husband’s hangup on what she and her husband do. We started arguing and she stormed off to the guest room where my nephew and BIL are.

She’s not speaking to me but my husband said I did the right thing by speaking to her and setting this boundary.

Am I Wrong ? Am I (and my husband) overreacted to this?

Some infos:

  1. My husband did not mention hearing anything, just that he saw them get out of the bathroom. And yes they were clothed.
  2. It’s the only bathroom in the house.
  3. They spent approximately 10+ in the shower according to my husband.

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