Am I Wrong Turning Around In My Car When I Saw My Boyfriend Brought His Friends With Him To Go On A Trip With Us.

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I f30 am dating my boyfriend “Smith ” m39 for 8+ months. We have been planning to go on a road trip but it couldn’t happen because he kept insisting that we let his 2 friends tag along.

He brought it up again and promised that he won’t ask me to let him bring his friends with him since (1) I’m the one paying for the expenses. and (2) It’s my car. (3) I always wanted us to go alone for once without having his friends tag along. (4) I don’t wanna pay for his friends.

We agreed that I’d come pick him up in the morning so we could go. I came in my car and entered his neighborhood. However, when I saw him standing outside with his bag AND his 2 friends were also standing there with their bags, I was shocked and furious. I didn’t pull over, I just turned around and kept driving and went back home. I saw him running after me in the rearview mirror. He then stopped and started calling me. I did not respond til I got home.

He lashed out on me on the phone asking why the hell I turned around and left. I told him why and how I didn’t appreciate how he basically tried to force me to take his friends with us after I said “no” already. He called me awful and said that I ruined the entire thing for us and acted immaturely and spitefully. He said I could’ve just accepted it how it is but I told him that I would never accept being put in a situation where I’m expected to just “suck it up”. He hung up after yelling at me for a few minutes.

I called back but got no response. He texted about how embarrassed him in front of his friends and is refusing to speak to me til after I apologize. Am I Wrong for turning around in my car and going home? Did I make the right call?

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