Amber Heard breaks down on the stand telling court how Johnny Depp upended her life

Amber Heard sobbed on the stand as she described how Johnny Depp’s ‘smear campaign’ against her had turned her life upside down.

When asked how she has impacted Depp’s remark, Heard stated, she is tormented, insulted, and threatened every single day.

Walking into this courtroom, sitting in front of the entire world, and having the worst parts of her life exploited to disgrace her. Every day, people tell her that they want to murder her.

People tell her that they want to put her baby in the microwave. Johnny threatened, told her that if she ever left him, he would make her think of him every day of her life.

Oonagh Paige Heard, Heard’s one-year-old daughter, was born through surrogacy. Heard has not disclosed the identity of the dad. Taking a shot at Depp, who has been spotted smiling, smirking, and cracking jokes throughout the trial, Heard stated, she is not here in this courtroom snickering. She is not laughing and making snarky remarks in this courtroom. This is a dreadful, unpleasant, and humiliating experience for any person to go through. Maybe it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that she is a human being.

She continued that she didn’t deserve it. The campaign that Johnny has prompted millions of people to perform on his behalf, the assaults on her, pain her.

Heard was questioned how Depp’s remarks and threats had shown themselves to this day. On the abuse, shame, and campaign against her that is repeated every day on social media and now in cameras in this room. This trauma affects her every day.

Her hands tremble, and she wakes up screaming. Her pals must follow a series of unstated rules about avoiding scaring her, touching her, or surprising her. Intimate partners have limitations on how they can touch her.

She has restrictions regarding medical professionals….gynecologists she visits so that she doesn’t have an anxiety attack or a triggering incident where she experiences the trauma, even if she is rehearsing for a movie, Aquaman 2. A trigger occurs, and she has a breakdown; she must cope with this because of the harm she has sustained.

She is ‘high functioning,’ according to Heard, since she has ‘discovered a solution to the anguish,’ which Heard describes as humanitarian work.

She would not want this on her worst enemy. She can’t have a profession, she can’t have individuals associate with her, and she can’t perform charitable work as she stands here now.

Heard claims she has gotten “hundreds” of death threats on a continuous basis, and “thousands” since the trial started.

People are making fun of her testimony of being attacked. Making fun of.. it’s the most torturous, horrible, and horrific experience she has ever had. She prays no one else has to go through this. All she wants is for Johnny to leave her alone. She has been saying that for years, and she thought he’d listen.

Johnny has taken over her voice. She has the right to share her experience, her voice, and her identity. He had waited long enough. As an American, she has the right to communicate about what occurred to her, to own her narrative and her reality. She has indicated from the beginning that she hopes to regain her voice.

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