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Amber Heard Hires New Legal Team for Depp Appeal, Scraps Elaine Bredehoft

Amber Heard appoints a new legal team for her appeal against Johnny Depp, dumps  Bredehoft, Elaine.

Amber Heard is throwing out the old and bringing in the big guns when it comes to her legal counsel, dumping a significant lawyer on her team and bringing in the big guns.

The actress, who is now appealing the Johnny Depp judgement, said Monday that she has retained the law firm Ballard Spahr to represent her in an appellate court… which she evidently believed required a fresh set of eyes to assess the case and facts.

The firm’s principal lawyers are David L. Axelrod (not the Obama/CNN man) and Jay Ward Brown, both of whom fought and won the New York Times against a defamation claim recently brought by Sarah Palin… a First Amendment matter, their expertise.

Amber retains Ben Rottenborn with the arrival of Axelrod and Brown, but she loses one lawyer… Ms. Elaine Bredehoft, the trial’s main lawyer. Her departure from the squad isn’t discussed much beyond the fact that she’s stepping down.

EB believes it’s the right time to “transfer the baton,” and she’s done her homework to ensure the new staff is up to speed. Elaine suffered a bit of a figurative battering during her representation, according to the general consensus.

They appreciate the chance to defend Ms. Heard in this case since it is a matter with crucial First Amendment consequences for every America, DLA and JWB stated. They also believe the appellate court will interpret the legislation in their favour and clear AH’s name.

According to Amber’s representative, when it comes to defending the basic right to free expression, they see the jury’s verdict not as the start of the end, but rather as “the end of the beginning.” A different court requires a different representation, especially now that so much fresh material is being revealed.

However, Johnny is moving on with his life… he’s now directing a film alongside his old buddy Al Pacino.

Source: TMZ

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