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Amber Heard Pays $1 Million Settlement to Johnny Depp After 1 year, Depp will donate it to 5 charities.

Johnny Depp has received Amber Heard’s $1 million settlement payment, thereby ending their Virginia defamation lawsuit a year later.

According to a source close to Depp, the actor, 60, would donate $200,000 to five charities of his choice. The Make-A-Film Foundation, The Painted Turtle, Red Feather, Tetiaroa Society, and Amazonia Fund Alliance are the organizations.

Following the June 1, 2022 ruling, both Depp and Heard chose to forgo their appeals and seek a settlement, which was disclosed in December.

Heard, 37, stated in a statement at the time that the “extremely hard decision” to settle was “not an act of concession.”

It’s essential to say that she never chose this, Heard wrote. She defended her truth, and in doing so, she ruined her life as she knew it. The vilification she has received on social media is an exaggerated version of how women are re-victimized when they speak out.

She said that she finally has a chance to free herself from something she tried to leave over six years ago, and on terms she can agree to. She has not admitted anything. This is not a sign of weakness. Moving forward, there are no constraints or gags on her voice.

During the live-televised trial, Heard said she was subjected to a type of humiliation that she simply cannot relive and that she simply cannot go through that for a third time.

She cannot afford to risk an impossible bill — one that is not only financial, but also psychological, physical, and emotional, she said at the time. Women should not have to fear violence or bankruptcy for speaking their truth, yet this is all too prevalent.

She will not be intimidated, discouraged, or discouraged from speaking the truth because of what occurred. Nobody can or will ever take it away from her. Her voice will always be the most valuable asset she has, Heard remarked.

Depp’s lawyers, Benjamin Chew and Camille Vazquez, also made a statement on the settlement in December.

They said that the jury’s unanimous decision and the resulting judgment in Mr. Depp’s favor against Ms. Heard remain fully in place. The $1 million payment, which Mr. Depp is pledging and will actually donate to charities, reinforces Ms. Heard’s recognition of the end of the legal system’s rigorous pursuit of justice.

Last month, Depp made a public appearance on the first day of the Cannes Film Festival. In the meantime, Heard, who now lives in Spain with her daughter, will attend the 69th Taormina Film Festival in Italy on June 24 for the global premiere of her film In the Fire.

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