Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Can’t Look at Her Because He’s Guilty

Amber Heard’s close friend, iO Tillett Wright, just affirmed about the feces left in Johnny’s bed – while also mentioning the couple’s claimed last brawl.

Wright recounted his memories of Johnny and Amber’s connection, since he was present for most of it, but one noteworthy point in his testimony centered on the doo-doo Johnny claims Amber and/or him put on his bedding.

Wright affirmed that he learned about this hypothesis during a phone conversation with Amber with her and Johnny on the other end and thought it was ridiculous, claiming he wasn’t there and had nothing to do with it. Things changed abruptly, he adds, when he overheard Johnny and Amber screaming over the phone with JD apparently saying something about yanking her hair back. That’s when he claims he began urgently dialing pals to come to AH’s aid.

Wright likewise asserted that after Johnny and Amber married, he overheard Johnny remark something to the effect of “excellent, now he can smack her in the face and no one will care.’ With that stated, he mentioned that he’d never witnessed either individual physically hit the other.

Johnny Depp’s lawyer swore her client hadn’t looked at Amber Heard once during the trial in order to keep a commitment he made but his ex is screaming BS and presenting a completely different reason.

Camille Vasquez, Johnny’s lawyer, began her cross-examination on Monday with a straightforward inquiry. Johnny hadn’t given her a glance during the trial, had he? Camille said Amber understood why But Amber didn’t believe it because he promised she’d never see his eyes again.

She then played an audio tape of Johnny and Amber arguing, after she’d obtained a TRO against him, and could hear him say something to that effect.

Amber hadn’t challenged it much during cross, but when her attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, reopened the door on the eyes thing, Amber jumped to reject Johnny’s alleged explanation instead saying that he was unable to look at her because of guilt.

It was a tremendous moment- Amber became tearful, claiming she’d endured him and that she believes he wouldn’t look at her because he knows he’s in the wrong in this instance.

She also said he had looked her in the eyes a few times after the July 2016 encounter, when they attempted to reconcile post-TRO, and Amber claims Johnny had shown her courtesy afterwards, supposedly handing her his new phone number.

We’ll tell it again… Johnny has made a point of not looking up at Amber once while she’s been under oath, which is difficult because she’s undoubtedly given him a glance or two throughout. In any event, it appears that she and her counsel believe the eyes story is bogus.

Anyway, Amber had the final say, with her attorney leading the way; she’s finished with her testimony now. It’s unclear whether another witness, including Johnny, will be brought to the stand.

According to a source close to Amber “The sole justification offered by Depp’s lawyers is that he committed a dishonest act. His attorneys may have their own opinions, but they do not have their own facts. This isn’t a case of he said/she said. It’s all about what he/she did.”

They continue, “The core problem was the same on Day One of this trial as it is now. While what Depp did was heinous, it is irrelevant. The point is what Amber did. Did she have the right to free speech as expressed in her Washington Post article? Op-Ed —- an Op-Ed that the publication decided to run and in which Amber never once mentioned Depp’s name.”

Court is over for the day. One more live witness will be summoned tomorrow, and additional previously recorded depositions will be presented in the coming weeks.

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