Amber Heard Says She Feared Broken Nose After Alleged Fight with Johnny Depp Following 2014 Met Gala.

According to Heard, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard made a very stylish red carpet debut at the Met Gala in 2014, however the night ended in bloodshed.

On Thursday, as she proceeded to testify in Depp’s defamation trial, Heard revealed details of a supposed event that occurred after the two had attended the occasion.

She explained that at some point in the evening, they were seated across the table and Johnny begins interrogating her about this woman, thinking she was gazing at her sexually. He accused her of flirting, which sparked the dispute. She is not sure how many other allegations she was dealing with at the time, but it was always more than one.

She claimed it all started with this claim that she had been flirting at this gathering. When they return to the hotel room, Johnny shoves her and grabs her by the collarbone. Above her collarbone and beneath her neck. She guessed she threw him back at that moment, when they were still in the living room.

She said Depp tossed a bottle at her, missing her and shattering their room’s chandelier. Heard said that he pushed her down on the sofa at one point and that she fought to throw him off her because “he’s stronger than me.”

He whacks her in the face at some point. That was probably the first time she thought to herself, ‘Is this a broken nose?’  She  got a feeling she had a broken nose “She stated. “Other than that, she was pretty uninjured, but she recalled her nose being swollen, discolored, and red, and at some time, she snapped a picture of her face and made a joke to a buddy about how horrible she looked.

So far in her evidence, which began on Wednesday, Heard has described the initial phases of their relationship before explaining when and how he purportedly began to physically assault her. Among her claims are that Depp hit her repeatedly in one event, that he was obsessively jealous, and that he allegedly gave her a “cavity examination” while searching for drugs.

Depp is demanding $50 million in damages after Heard alleged in an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018 that she was a survivor of domestic violence. While she did not identify Depp in the article, his attorneys claim it was supposed to be about him and harmed his profession. Depp was countersued for $100 million.

The actor already lost a case in the United Kingdom over the identical piece that was published in The Sun.

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