Amber Heard sister caught joking with Johnny Depp about hitting her sister.

Whitney Henriquez, Amber Heard’s sister, revealed on Wednesday that she sadly laughed with Johnny Depp about domestic abuse against her sister. Whitney blamed Johnny of being an alcoholic and a drug addict when he made the revelation.

Among her other allegations was that Johnny had disrespected Amber and thrown a steak knife at an aide.

Amber Heard sister caught joking with Johnny Depp about hitting her sister

Amber Heard sister caught joking with Johnny Depp about hitting her sister

Posted by Johnny Depp Fan LiveStream on Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Camille Vasquez, Johnny’s lawyer, grilled Whitney on her interactions with Johnny.

Camille asked whether in June 2013, Whitney was genuinely joking with Mr. Depp about striking your sister?

Whitney replied unfortunately, by text message yes.

Johnny’s lawyer Benjamin Chew started his opening comments little over a month ago, stating that Whitney was recorded on CCTV throwing a phony punch at her sister.

Isaac Baruch, Johnny’s childhood pal, also asserts to have observed the occurrence.

Whitney had already claimed that she suspected Johnny of domestic violence earlier that year. Nevertheless, she claims she has no idea if this occurred at the same time as the text.

Johnny and Amber married in 2015, little under two years after the message was received.

The couple divorced the following year after Amber applied for a restraining order, and their divorce was finalized in 2017.

Amber referred to her domestic violence charges in a Washington Post column in December 2018, but Johnny’s name was deleted.

Nonetheless, Johnny filed a lawsuit, saying that Amber impliedly defamed him.

Amber subsequently filed a counter-suit, claiming that the charges were a “fake story.”

Whitney claimed she saw Johnny drunk “innumerable” times and high on drugs “a lot.”

She also admitted to doing cocaine and drinking with him a number of times.

According to Amber, drug usage brought out the “demon” in the actor.

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