Amber Heard Shares Photos of Johnny Depp ‘Passed Out’ After Alleged Benders

Amber Heard returned to the stand on Thursday to resume her evidence in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial.

The day before, Heard remembered the initial phase of their relationship before going into detail about when and how he purportedly began to physically assault her. Among her claims are that Depp smacked her repeatedly on one event, that he was incredibly jealous, and that he allegedly gave her a “cavity exam” while seeking for narcotics.

She began her evidence on Thursday by showing a photo she took of Depp in July 2013. (below). When inquired why she took the photo, she explained that she was noticing a pattern of behavior that she wanted to document.

She explained, she could only determine what he was utilising since she had to hunt for hints. He’d pass out, become sick, lose control of himself, and then somebody would come and take him up, clean him up, and repair him. He wouldn’t recall, dispute it, or blame her of claiming something occurred when it didn’t, and there was no one to back her up.


She began taking images “to say this is occurring,” claiming it was always Depp’s workers “against my word.” She described the first photo as showing him “passed out on the island where we were vacationing.” She went on to say that “he had a stretch of sobriety immediately before this and it began to change with his companion Paul Bettany.

Another photo from March 22, 2013 (top left) was presented, following another claimed episode in which he burned a painting and began blaming her of having relationships with a musician, her ex-partner.  She said Depp took it “after a three day bender,” when he was “on a drug binge” after a time of no eating and little sleep. “There’d be a tremendous blowup, he’d become ill, pass out, and feel bad, and then he’d start a time of sobriety,” she continued.

In another claimed episode during the July 2013 press tour for “The Lone Ranger,” Heard stated that the actor’s children were with them in Tokyo. This was shortly after Heard first met Lily-Rose Depp and Jack Depp.

She explained he had difficulties drinking in front of them; he was attempting to disguise it, but he was struggling with stress related to his job. He was drinking in the restaurant, and the children were observing but weren’t sure what to make of it. Johnny felt irritated with her because she  judged him.

She stated the children were on this press trip, and she was worried about them hearing what they were saying. Johnny yelled at her at the hotel…what if they could hear them, and she didn’t want them to think badly of her. He passed out as a result of the name calling.

When she was asked what names he called her, she said, “nagging b***h. He referred to her as a c—-. He even told her he’d made a mistake with her and that he’d get rid of her. He said some horrible things to her.

Depp is demanding $50 million in damages after Heard alleged in an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018 that she was a survivor of domestic violence. While she did not identify Depp in the article, his attorneys claim it was supposed to be about him and harmed his profession. Depp was countersued for $100 million.
The actor already lost a case in the United Kingdom over the identical piece that published in The Sun

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